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The Power of Imagination Never Dies

The Power of Imagination Never Dies

I posted this earlier today on Facebook, but want to share it with a wider audience… Hope you like…

…Imagine being a kid, having a handful of friends, or perhaps just one, who like Dr. Who as you do. Think for a moment about the fantastic world in which your imagination was able to travel. Consider discovering that there were a few others in America who liked it as you did. Then imagine taking the time to go to England where you meet more people who love it and hope it will return, who grew up as you did, but in the country where it began, with parents and siblings who watched it. Imagine realizing there were more kindred spirits in this world than your first, isolated appreciation could ever hint. Imagine returning to that country to see the revival of the series, written, in some cases, by people you’ve come to know and admire, and then consider that the new “regeneration” of the series becomes a dominant worldwide phenomenon, fifty years after it began.

Dr. Who is truly one of the greatest cultural creations, one of the most stunning artistic achievements and most rewarding “play” environments ever created in the world. To all involved, from Verity Lambert to Steve Camden working K-9, from Hinchcliff to Terrance Dicks, to the Big Finish Audio team (guys like Cavan Scott), to the Dr. Who Magazine staff, to the authors of the novels (guys like Mark Morris), to the authors of non-fiction books that gave me and my niece hours of fun (ie David J Howe), to the actors and the current production team and writers who have worked with the them: Thanks.


I’m a GIANT in Bath, England, UK, Britannia, Etc!

I'm a GIANT in Bath, England, UK, Britannia, Etc!

Yep. This was a few days ago, but, as Zaphod Beeblebrox once said, “What gives, what gives, what gives, what gives, what gives, what gives, what GIVES?!” I couldn’t help but laugh when I lifted the tiny plastic wrapper that contained this atomistic soap. You’re not looking at it through an electron microscope, but it’s close! 🙂 Funny. Great stay in Bath, on the way to Cardiff for “Scardiff”, the one-day horror event where I got to spend time with Wayne Simmons ( and David Moody (v, and got to meet a lot more great writers and fans. Pics from that to follow! The coolest thing about the trip to Cardiff was that I had to stay overnight in Bristol (and who wouldn’t want to? it’s a cool city!) and my pal Cavan Scott ( told me he was going to be there for BristolCon, a great one-day Sci-Fi gathering that was happening RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER from my hotel by Bristol Temple Meads. AMAZING (Link:!) time there, seeing Cav and meeting up with a lot of cool folks from Future publishing! I’ll post pics from that in a moment! – For now? Bath, the soap (no, I didn’t use it in the bath Spa – that inspires an ancient Druidic curse!), and memories of my good friend Steve O’Brien and his wife, Britt, and their lovely daughter, Lizzie, who met with me for a nice nice of conversation, talk of Dr. Who, and pizza! 🙂 Thanks, all!


The Proof of “Bite” Has Arrived!

It looks fantastic! Great job, Pendragon Press and artist Ben Baldwin! I hope folks will go to to get their copy! Big thanks, also, to F. Paul Wilson — that’s his blurb on the front cover. Paul’s work can be found everywhere, but if you want the inside scoop on his books, travel to ! 🙂

It’s here! “Bite” is now ready to pre-order from Pendragon Press!

Since I just lit this blog AFIRE with the near-final cover art for my debut novella, “Bite”, it’s now time to let loose da hounds! “Bite” is now ready for pre-order from the good people at Pendragon Press! I could tell you precisely how excited I am, but that would take up too much space! Suffice to say that Christopher Teague, the King of Pendragon, has done a wonderful job for me and for the story, which I think you’ll like! Visit the link, and see if you’d like to grab your copy!

If you order before October 31, we can get you Autographed copies! Really! I’ll be the one autographing them! We might even be able to get the publisher to sign his name, and if Ben baldwin’s available, wouldn’t it be cool to get him to sign? I’ll see those guys that week, so who knows what other names might be on there! I might even ask people not even associated with it to sign! You might get an extra signature from the guy at my fave curry place in Brighton, or bus driver who takes me back to Heathrow! Added coolness, no charge! Just ask and we will work to make your life that much more awesome!

Now, to whet your mental appetite, here is a copy of the presser for “Bite”… 🙂


Press Release



What would you do if your career began with promise, if your plans for life seemed well on their way, but, due to your own mistakes, the bottom suddenly dropped out?

What if that clean, prosperous, happy family life was lost, and you were left to slide deeper and deeper into the “underground”, each strange job more obscure and bizarre than the next?

Where would you land? How long could you stomach that world?

Could you do the kind of job that others fear or don’t believe exists?

Sylvester Cole can. He has for too many years, and now he wants out. Long ago on track to become a literature professor, Sylv made one big mistake, and he’s paid for it since. Maybe he’s made himself pay. He’s not exactly sure.

But one thing is certain, now in his mid-fifties, he’s had enough. He’s saved up his cash and gold. He’s bought a plane ticket out of Vegas, and he’s ready to retire.

Silvester Cole wants one chance at life.

Because Sylvester Cole is sick of re-killing the dead.

But when Sylv wanders into his favorite watering hole to say goodbye to his friends of convenience, he’s confronted with an opportunity of a different sort: a girl, who just might give him that chance to snatch life and love out of the hands of fate – by re-killing one last time.

“Bite” is a noir novella that brings you back to what horror is all about: emotional, psychological, spiritual stakes. Its voice is real, and its action is aggressive.

I hope you like it, and will spread the word!

As added bonuses, Pendragon Press and I have even added two shorts to “help you unwind” at the end of the tale!

Here are what other respected authors are saying about “Bite”:

“An action-packed collision of horror and noir!”

F. Paul Wilson

“A hard-boiled horror story, as if Sam Spade had turned vampire hunter.”

Christopher Golden

“A cracking story which tears along at 100 miles an hour.”

Mark Morris

“Gard Goldsmith’s prose is like the edge of a knife. Definitely a writer to watch!”

Brian Keene

“A wonderfully engaging tale of woe!’

Wayne Simmons Bestselling author of “Flu” and “Plastic Jesus”



…is currently available from “Pendragon Press”, for shipment in the US, UK, EU and World-wide. Pre-orders made prior to the official release on October 31 can receive autographed copies! Show your GREAT taste, BUY ONE NOW!

It’s here! The next-to-final, “Blurb-gilded” cover art for the novella, “Bite”! More news coming!

Wow! This is the almost-final version, with images by Ben Baldwin, who is amazing, and… blurbs from some very kind writers whom I admire greatly. There are a couple blurbs (one will be on the front cover) yet to go into the final images. But, wow!! 🙂Imagew

MORE New Happenings! “CHIRAL MAD 2”

Okay, so I know these posts are coming fast and furious… I read a blog by someone recently that spelled out one aspect of how a writer can look at blogging. A writer can view it as a good exercise, a friendly way to stretch his or her mental muscle as he attempts to impart ideas. This lets him or her apply his mind to colorful turns of phrase and witty thoughts before he sets his fingers to keying the actual story that’s on his mind. A blog can be part that, and it can also be a friendly way to say “thanks”, by sending out information one thinks the reader might enjoy. It can also be a way to inform the reader of neat happenings for friends in the writing world — and I love that idea. It can also be a way to promote, and to keep one’s name in front of folks’ eyes on this here interwebby thing. But one writer’s blog (found HERE ) recently noted that it might not be wise to spend a lot of time on blogging. I agree and disagree. I’ve certainly waited a while to post new thoughts online, often because of my schedule, often because Facebook tends to drag one away and post to his or her personal friends, getting people caught up in those conversations, sometimes because I wasn’t used to blogging at my own “professional writer” blog. But I think there is a great value in being able to contact you outside the “FB Friends” realm, and I particularly like the idea of being able to tell you about the work of people I admire.

Here’s one such work. “Chiral Mad 2″… My friend, writer Michael Bailey, is an astounding guy. Writer, editor, businessman, good bro to his sis and all-around nice guy, Michael last year created a non-profit altho called “Chiral Mad”. Just the title might indicate to you this guy’s genius. Chirality is the property of images or three-dimensional forms appearing to look like each other, but when you try to overlay them, they don’t fit. Mirror images are like this. The two halves of your face are like this. Your hands are like this.

Well, “Chiral Mad” was all about madness, of course, and Chirality! And let me tell you, a challenge like this is one lots of writers would love to accept when it comes to writing a tale! I was fortunate enough to have a story accepted for Michael’s anthology last year, along with great guys like Gary McMahon, Eric Guignard, and Gary Braunbeck, and the book was a huge success. Thousands of bucks were garnered to go to Down Syndrome research. (Buy it here! ). Well, Michael is now editing “Chiral Mad 2”, and he has, once more, amassed an amazing, horrifying array of talent.

And last week I found out I’m lucky enough to be among those guys and ladies! Very happy. The story is called “Whitechapel”, and it takes place in that area of London. I can’t wait to see all the stories in that book. It’s gonna be a BLAST! Here’s a link to the preliminary info on “Chiral Mad 2”!

Gotta fly! As The Prisoner said, “Be Seeing You!” 🙂

Mark Morris!

Just a heads-up!


My pal Mark Morris ends September and begins this month by marking the 25th anniversary of his first published novel. Take a look at “Toady”! It’s definitely a satisfying read. Here’s the UK edition (Kindle in this link)

Here is the US version (Kindle):


Check it out! 🙂 

Just a Quick One After a Long Stretch!



I have a bunch of things to tell you all, but this is a good shot of condensed info to start things rolling.

Thanks to my pal Wayne Simmons whose novels and blog-thoughts can be found here: … I’ve been fortunate to have been tapped as a guest at the upcoming horror fest in Cardiff called “SCARdiff”! It happens on the 27th of October, and welcomes cats like Wayne, David Moody, illustrator Dylan Teague, and a wide array of talents in the print, television and film fields! Think about visiting the one-day event! And Check this out: while you’re there, you can see a wide-screen showing of a terrific new short film called “Ascension”. Dave Jeffery, the writer/producer, will be there, and he and I will sit down for a good chat about how this great story was created! Take a look at the preview here!  

The NEXT of the Next Big Thing Writers…

Thanks to those of you who took the opportunity to visit Michael Bailey’s website and see what he has to offer. He’s a unique and vibrant talent who’s dedicated to making his work shine.

Now it’s time to introduce you to another writer who deserves attention. Her name is Mercedes Yardley, and within seconds of meeting her, I knew she was not only a supreme talent, I was certain she was a true friend. Her first collection of short stories has just been released by Shock Totem. It’s called “Beautiful Sorrows”, and it’s amazing. Really. I was honored and delighted to have been asked to write the introduction for Mercedes’ book, and I want you to know that all the flowery praise and all the accolades I shower on this amazing woman don’t even approximate what she deserves. Let me give you an idea of what you’ll find when you pick up her stories…

You’ll find an imagination the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Roald Dahl. You’ll find whimsy. You’ll find love and heartbreak and hope. You’ll find horror and balance. You’ll find poetic prose that seems completely natural, yet is obviously the product of a strange gene-splicing experiment that’s brought together the DNA of Graham Joyce and Shirley Jackson. In short, you’ll find a universe of uniqueness you will want to share with others.

When I was at KillerCon a couple months ago, I bought an extra copy of “Beautiful Sorrows” and gave it to bestselling author and all-around awesome guy F. Paul Wilson. As is his astounding habit, Paul began reading it that evening. He was so impressed by the work, he approached Mercedes the next day to ask her if he could offer her a blurb for the book. He wanted to endorse her work THAT fast.

So I heartily recommend Mercedes to you, and pass on her website, where you’ll find many of her creative and beautifully written musings, and links to her work. Find out what “The Next Big Thing” from her is going to be, and take the opportunity to get “Beautiful Sorrows”! You won’t forget these stories!

Ahh, but you want a road map, a… link… of some kind to help you find her website? Well, fair reader, I am here to save the day! 🙂

Visit right away. See what Mercedes does!

And now for something completely…

Different! Or, to be more precise, someONE completely different!

Here’s the deal. What most people don’t know is that we writers of the supernatural and strange are all part of an ancient Druidic cult. We enter at an early age, sacrifice a few Ewok dolls (which is fine my me), and then labor in the service of our great God, Procrastination. And as our mental fires burn, we word architects discover that we hold dear many of the same things, the central themes being good writing, original story telling, integrity and kindness. (The dislike of Ewoks is just a bonus.)

With that in mind, this post will be brief. In my next few posts, I get to present to you the individuals to whom I pass the torch for the “Next Big Thing” blog chain. And I couldn’t be more excited if I found out the Fourth Doctor went back in time to stop the Ewoks from being created, or worked to change them into less destructive creatures…


First up is Michael Bailey.

If you don’t know Michael or his work, you will, because you know I’m straight with ya, and you’ll be slack-jawed by both his writing and his character. He’s a great guy, and his writing is not only engaging, it’s incredibly complex — multi-layered, incorporating realistic characters and dialogue with such a refined agenda that you might not realize what he’s done with the words and your unsuspecting brain cells until the end of each tale. He’s an author of novels, short stories, and poetry, and also edits, plays music, and creates amazing artwork. In short, this guy is a powerhouse.

I met Michael at the astounding Borderlands Press Bootcamp, and, as he knows, I had taken special note of the piece he submitted for the program. It was the best of some very good fiction which we critiqued and studied at the Bootcamp. It was so impressive that I sought him out to tell him, and noted to him certain things that stood out as unique in his tale. And let me tell you, he really DID do some original things.

Since that time, he has ignited; his output is astounding, and his dedication to telling his tales, and doing it well, will truly impress you and hearten you for the future of unusual fiction. I pass one of my torches to Michael Bailey, whose site can be found here! —

Tally ho, Michael! And visitors? Please do visit his site. You won’t be sorry! This guy is a genius, no doubt in any way.